New solutions for school-community cooperation and social inclusion

A collaborative platform with an array of resources for inclusive schools and communities

Whole school approach and social labs for inclusive learning environments

Students, teachers, school leaders and the whole community count when building an inclusive education system. All parts of the whole school approach have a say in the process.

In the classroom

Students can be empowered to think about the inclusive school that they want to have and be part of that change.

Teachers are invited to use the SOCI@LL toolkit in their classrooms

In the school

The school leaders, together with the teachers, have the opportunity to be the drivers of change and build the foundation for acceptance and inclusion.

These key actors are encouraged to use the toolkit for school directors.

In the community

Efforts developed inside the school must be worked outside the school as well. The community is the base that gives strength for inclusion.

Local authorities and other stakeholders are challenged to follow the guidelines and implement a lab for social inclusion

Explore, download and use the SOCI@LL resources

Three toolkits were developed to guide you towards an inclusive school, based on your role in the school community: teacher, school leader, local authority & other stakeholders.

Share opinions and experiences with your peers

The exchange of experiences and points of view is important when building a community of practice. In the forum you can initiate new discussions about a theme that is significant for you or enter in existing discussions. It’s your choice.

Let us know your opinion. Share your feedback with us.

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